This is where we get to remember our favorite Williams
professors who are still doing their thing
in one way or another.

We're adding content as we find it, so if you have anything
to share on the whereabouts of a favorite of yours,
David Webster.

Meanwhile if you'd like to peruse a full list of
Williams faculty from each of your years at Williams,
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Freshman Year (1968-69)
Sophomore Year (1969-70)
Junior Year (1970-71)
Senior Year (1971-72)


Sheafe Satterthwaite

On the occasion of Sheafe Satterthwaite's retirement from Williams in 2017, Roger Bolton, William Brough Professor of Economics, Emeritus, and Henry Art, Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology co-wrote an article entitled "Williams Bids Adieu to Sheafe Satterthwaite: An Increased Appreciation for Ambiguity Through the Juxtaposition of Disparate Elements."  
Click here to read.


Prof. Courtright

Paul Courtright, former Assistant Professor of Religion at Williams during our time there, and spouse to classmate Peggy (Crosby) Courtright, recently retired from Emory University.  Watch the Retirement Symposium presented in his honor on April 25, 2014 by clicking here.