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Photo Gallery Note:
There are many photo galleries on this site, most secure and visible only after login.  Each gallery has a front page, and if you click on that front page, you'll see a grid of thumbnails which you can scroll along.  When you click on any thumbnail, you are taken to a solo "lightbox" version with a caption if there is one, and from there you can move forward or backward within the gallery.  Another click on the lightbox version brings you back to the thumbnails.
(If you are browsing past reunion photos and see yourself or anyone you know identified with a "?" in the caption PLEASE email John LaPann or Harry Kangis with the missing information.)

Classmate Search Note:
Once you're logged in to the site, you can browse classmates by first name in the bio section, or by last name in the index, where all classmates and honorary classmates are included, even those who've passed and whose information is found in the In Memoriam section of our site.  If you want to find a specific classmate quickly, type the last name in the "Search a Classmate" field in the left sidebar and enjoy a more immediate connection.



Newly "in the can":  Our own teaser video for the upcoming
50th Reunion.  Check it out here!

We've just dug up a digital version of the last yearbook from our time at Williams.  Check out the gallery of thumbnails from the 1972 Guliemensian or
download your own digital copy.

We've also just created a new gallery called Classmate Connections.  Intended to be our own version of the college's "people" gallery, this section needs your content contributions!  Please email photos (with captions) to the webmaster.

We've had several submissions of photos from the 45th Reunion
of Great Conversations so far. Please take a look,
and send your favorites in to be posted as well!



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