Stopping by the Alumni Fund on a Snowy Evening
by Frosty Peterson

Whose students these are I think I know.
Their college is in the village though;
They will not see me stopping here
To send the Alumni Fund a little dough.

My little checkbook must think it queer
To disburse without a class agent hovering near
Toward frozen Greylock and campus dear
As the Ides of March deadline draws near.

My modest gift makes me shake
As if I’d made some philanthropic mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy pen across the check.

The world’s needs are many, large and deep,
But I have promises to Williams to keep,
And more to give before I sleep,
And more to give before I sleep.


Read the Williams feature story, "How to Pay Attention to a Poem," that inspired classmate Gregg Peterson to create the above take-off of
Robert Frost's famous poem by clicking here.

Then click here to give.